Why does Prosale exist?

“Prosale exist to remove the potential headaches regarding automatic doors for our customers and their customers.”

Prosale Mission Statement

I once conducted a straw poll of some fabricators I knew well and asked them:

What didn’t they like about the suppliers that they were using?

What did they like?

Why did they use their current supplier?

 The list of what they did like was very small.

Most agreed that none of the automatic door suppliers were particularly good, so the reason was either “best of a bad bunch” or “just settled with them”.

Prosale automatic doors have then gone from strength to strength excelling in the very thing that every other company seems to be missing – excellent service.  I soon realised that we had a good opportunity to provide a great service to a great industry.

We based our service around the idea of what people actually wanted.

We wanted to disrupt the market instead of being the best of a bunch and we wanted to become a different type of supplier.


We set up to have:

  • Expert knowledge at the front end of any enquiry.
  • Ability to visit customers clients to help them through the decision making on their behalf or with them.
  • To not compete with the fabricator.
  • Installation carried out by employed technicians that were fully trained.
  • Arriving in vans stocked for any eventuality, bring the equipment with them to ensure it arrived safely.
  • Each van would have a step up so we can commission off temporary power.
  • Photographs taken of our completed work and sent to our customers (fabricators are not always on site when we are) so they could see what we have completed for them.
  • Excellent communication at every step of the process. This vastly reduces aborted visits to site and costs attached.


And that’s what we’ve done.

When I first set up Prosale, the idea was simple. I was coming from being the Managing Director of Boon Edam, and the concept was to be a sales agency for Boon Edam, and other people selling direct to the fabricator. The first contract was set up obviously with Boon Edam and I became their Sales Agent for the Southwest and South Wales.

Then I set up an agreement with Record to become the sales agent for the Southwest and South Wales, meaning that I could supply to the fabricator market, both revolving doors and folding swinging, sliding doors. I felt this was a gap in the market, as nobody did it very well.

Unfortunately, Record were taking over 24/7, so the headquarters moved to Scotland, and it didn’t work out for Prosale as they wanted to supply the complete entrance and not concentrate on the fabricator business.

I then started working with a smaller company who were starting up in automation, thinking that we could probably shape the way that we worked. However, again unfortunately this did not work out because their level of service was nowhere near the level of service of Boon Edam, or indeed, what I wanted to offer my customers.

By 2004 we were the sales agency primarily for Boon Edam.  Then in of 2007, we started our own operational side Prosale automatic doors.

Over the years we have grown, and we now supply some of the biggest fabricators in the UK. Customers always come back because of the level of service we provide. Every communication sent out embodies our ethos and if you have any questions queries or comments, please email me direct – we haven’t had a single bad comment to date.

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