Without servicing, our cars would not go far. Longevity of most household products is expected through servicing; Kettles, Washing Machines and Steam Irons all need to be descaled from time to time. Why would you not expect to service an intelligent machine such as an automatic door?

Servicing means the operator will last longer and work safer! When servicing is carried out by a professional automatic door company you are assured that all safety tests are carried out. The door at your premises is YOUR responsibility. It is a machine similar to a lift or an escalator and deserves to be looked after. Understanding what can go wrong and how to care for your doors on a daily basis can save a lot of down time waiting for an engineer. The more modern products can be “rebooted” with a flick of a switch. With the Prosale products it either has a reset button (Dualcore/Millennium or an on/off button on the Proswing) Automatic doors should always come with an operation and maintenance manual and you should make yourself aware of its contents. The manual should walk you through simple checks to ensure your doors are working correctly and also simple fault finding. If nothing else servicing will ensure false widows are not nesting in your sensors…

Please ensure anyone carrying out your servicing is an ADIA or ADSA member and that they have an EN16005 (Power operated pedestrian doorsets – Safety in use – Requirements and test method) qualification.

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