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o help understand how we support our customers so well, its worth knowing our company ethos:

we exist to remove the potential headaches regarding automatic doors from our customers and their customers.

You will find this is on the top of every job spec and the next line is:

only accept this offer if you’re prepared to invest time and energy in yourself.

For Prosale to become a different company that focuses purely on our customer experience, we can’t recruit from within the industry.

We attempted to do this on a couple of occasions, and it was disastrous.

We found technicians who didn’t seem to care whether the job was finished or not and certainly didn’t take care of the quality in their work. We know there are some amazing technicians out there, but we didn’t seem to find them. We have some quality guys who help us with our reactive callouts and we can’t fault them.

The solution was to home grow our own technicians. Our technicians come in from all walks of life. We train them fully to get them to be a Prosale employee first and foremost, and a great technician is almost a by-product.

One of our longest serving technicians is Mark Bland, who arrived from a mechanical background and was driving HGV’S. We need to have the right calibre of person who is prepared to learn. We then train them within our organisation and through various courses, whether it be the EN16005 or the senior site supervisor training coursand see training as an excellent way of investing in our business.  

Mark is a great asset to the company, he spends a lot of time ensuring that he can do whatever job comes up and ensures he is prepared for the day’s work ahead and this is a brilliant work ethic that comes from forward thinking in his previous role.


Mark’s approach of we can get it done and we will get it done” embodies the Prosale wayHe’s a credit to himself, and us.


Bran joined us a year ago from working as a fully qualified electrician.

His wiring techniques are amazing and we have now followed suit to wire the same way as Bran. This is a great example of taking tradesmen from other trades and bringing their skill set into the Prosale model.


These guys exemplify what we try to achieve whilst on site with aimpressive attendance record between them. We don’t think they’ve had five days off sick in the last year. When an employee is happy where they are, good attendance follows.

Prosale technicians are ambassadors for us on every site we turn up. We need to turn up with the right mentality, the right equipment, and the right professionalism.

Our guys do us proud, on every occasion. And we’re very pleased to have such a great team working aProsale.

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