Prosale’s Covid Update

With the end of the second lockdown this year due to COVID-19, we thought it was important to say what Prosale is doing to help with employees and clients alike.


We’ve made our premises COVID safe with:

  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout our premises
  • Forehead thermometers at the entrances
  • Sneeze screens between any opposing desks
  • Reduced visits unless necessary
  • We have Office 365 which enables us to reduce face-to-face meetings
  • All technicians provided with correct PPE onsite.
  • All office staff provided with face coverings for deliveries and collections
  • All internal meetings and training is held in our open warehouse instead of our meeting room to allow for better spacing and ventilation


We have also split our engineers into teams, which means that if one team were to be infected, we will still have other teams.

We have had members of staff attend Web seminars and sit Automatic Door Suppliers Association examinations remotely with fantastic results.

We have remained available to our customers through both lock downs. We have fitted doors on nightingale hospitals across the country at very short notice. We also have carried out remedial works to suppliers like Dyson, free of charge for them to carry out their research into providing masks to the UK.

We’ve updated our range of touch pads to offer either anti- microbial or completely touchless. As a responsible supplier, there are no extra charges for these essential pieces of equipment at point of order. So, our prices have remained consistent. After all, we are all in this together.

We have experienced incredible patience and understanding and have strived to pass on the same levels of empathy to our customers.

None of us know how long this is going to go on for and none of us expected this to happen. We have got to band together and make the best of everything that we can do. Keeping you, our customers, safe and our team safe at the same time is of utmost importance to us. And we will endeavour to do what we can to ensure we all stay safe.

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