2020 was well and truly an awful year, it would be easy to write it off and try to get going again. Personally and professionally, we were very fortunate to not encounter any losses. Business wise, we traded through the whole year and ended on a high of getting to within spitting distance (don’t spit) of our best year ever.

We start every year with a “kick off” meeting for all employees, that usually includes us all going out for some pub grub afterwards. The “kick off” meetings are to let our team know what we are expecting to do and how we are going to achieve it. These meetings are described as a mixture of chatting with your mates whilst hearing facts and figures from the team, which I like. We are aiming to grow and create new roles for the quality people we have within our team.

One of the things I have noticed over the years working in large corporate companies is that the presentations are all about targets. I have picked up on a radio station called W.I.I.FM or what’s in it for me? This is massively important to us, without our team being on board we won’t achieve our targets. Targets are also divided into numbers and soft skills (not what we do, but how we do it). We are always looking to improve the working conditions for the team and always have something to work on. This year we are adding an extra days holiday for each complete year of working here and we have also agreed that each employee will get their birthday as paid holiday to.  We have a corporate day out to Twickenham to watch England “beat” Australia for the whole team, as a thank you for all their hard work last year.

The service we provide our customers is only achieved by having the best team motivated on those dark, wet days when the aluminium has been delayed and they won’t be back home until 10pm. I believe this is how we achieve such a service and how we keep such a good team.